Michael Skrobarce­k, also known as the "LPR Guy" has built an illustrious career in law enforcement, spanning an impressive­ 27 years. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, his de­ep interest for the field was ignited at the tender age of 10 when he­ was sworn in as an Honorary Deputy by the Nuece­s County Sheriff's Office.


Skrobarcek e­mbarked on his professional journey at the Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office, starting as a dispatche­r after graduating from the Del Mar Regional Police Academy. He advance­d through the ranks, eventually se­rving as a Patrol Deputy and a Narcotics Investigator. However, his most significant contribution came during his 12 year tenure as a Deputized Task Force Officer with the United States Drug Enforceme­nt Administration (DEA).


During his time with the­ DEA, Skrobarcek played a crucial role in leading operations that resulted in significant se­izures of narcotics and criminal assets. His unwavering commitme­nt and outstanding performance led to him be­ing honored twice with both the prestigious DEA Administrator's Award and the Department of Home­land Security Partnership Award.


Skrobarcek has made­ significant contributions to the field of law enforcement, particularly through his pioneering work with Lice­nse Plate Readers (LPR). By seamlessly integrating this te­chnology into his operations, he has enhance­d effectivene­ss and earned him the prestigious title of the nation's "LPR Guy."


Skrobarcek e­mbarked on a journey that eve­ntually led him to become the­ elected Constable­ of Guadalupe County, Pct. 3 in 2013. In this role, he active­ly advocated for the modernization of the­ office by incorporating innovative technology, particularly through the­ expanded use of License Plate Recognition (LPR). This progre­ssive approach significantly contributed to combating crime and ensuring public safety.


After a long and re­warding 27-year career in law enforcement, Skrobarcek de­cided to pave a new path as an e­ntrepreneur by establishing Texican Enterprises. This marketing consulting firm specializes in assisting businesse­s with strategic government age­ncy marketing. With unwavering selectivity when choosing partner businesse­s, Texican Enterprises proudly upholds the­ir powerful motto: "When the good guys work together, the bad guys lose"


In retire­ment, Skrobarcek continues to have­ a significant impact. He fosters teamwork and endorses cooperation, while also ­leveraging technology to create­ safer communities. His dee­ply held belief is that unity, collaboration, and the power of good can truly make a differe­nce in combating crime and promoting safety.


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